Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist

Greenberg, Jan, and Sandra Jordan. Vincent Van Gogh: Portrait of an Artist. 2001. 114 pp. Lexile 1100.  Available as paperback and e-book.

This highly readable biography, which focuses on the artist’s life more than his art, is one of the better choices at this grade level of the books in CCSS’s Appendix B.  (It's o.p. except as an e-book.)  The authors, known for their YA books about art and artists, deftly employ narrative devices found more often in fiction, such as cliff hangers at the end of chapters, making the short book a good read-aloud.  The many quotes from Van Gogh’s correspondence with his brother, Theo, bring him to life, clearing up mysteries and humanizing him. 

Web Tie-Ins 
Students can further explore letters written by and to Van Gogh at a website of Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.
Students can look at the many paintings of Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum, organized both alphabetically and by category, presented with useful notes.